Running a small business is all about pressure.  One of the keys to
success as a business owner, whether you are an entrepreneur or solo
professional, is your ability to manage pressure.  

When you are self-employed, at times you may feel like you have
pressure coming from many different directions.  And, when you are
starting your own business, there are many unexpected pressures.  Once
you get to the point of running a small business, hopefully, the
pressures are fewer.  If not, you will burn out.

How do you manage pressure?  First of all pressure is good.  It
creates stress.  Stress can cause us to do good things or to shrink away
from what must be faced.  Running a small business is about facing
pressure.  The key to handling pressure and overcoming it is to
establish your priorities.

In business coaching one of the aspects that most clients address is
how to reduce stress.  First, we have to understand that stress is what
causes us to grow if we respond to it properly.  The only stress free
state is death.  

Business success, whether it be small business success or large
business success, is getting clear about your priorities.  To grow in
running a small business you must know your priorities.  And, here’s the
key.  You must be able to shift your priorities.

Think about this.  You have several problems or challenges show up in
an hour.  Which one is the most important?  Instead of determining what
is most important the self-employed business owner either tackles what
is easiest or responds to them in the order in which they appeared.  

After all, things are hectic.  Yes, they are hectic.  My life as a
business coach can become hectic.  When this happens its because too
many things have come into my life at once.  Initially, I react to
whatever comes in.  The problem with this is that I end up putting my
focus on what I deem as critical.  In fact, when I am in this mode
everything can seem critical.  

Here’s the problem not just for me, but in running a small business.
To grow and be successful you must focus on what is important.  When
you are in reaction mode to a multitude of challenges it’s difficult to
set your priorities.  

But, if you don’t set your priorities you will end up having a day
and a business focused on what is critical.  Progress is made when a
business owner addresses what is important. When he or she does that
then the number of critical situations starts to diminish.  

One of the best feelings in running a small business is to have a
feeling of control.  It is one of the keys to success and it does not
happen overnight.  It takes time.  It takes personal growth.  And, when
you have control you start to reduce the pressure.

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